Hair Loss

Six years ago, I founded another medical entity called ZVI Health, where I partnered with one of the top hair restoration surgeons in the world, Dr. Craig Ziering.  ZVI Health has handled all the prescriptions and products offered through Ziering medical since we partnered with Dr. Ziering.

I am happy to announce that we are now going to make those custom medications developed by Dr. Ziering available to our patients here at Giovane Medical. Our founder, Larry Zuccolotto, has personally been using these products for years and has been extremely impressed at their effectiveness.



Advanced maximum strength hair formula enriched with powerful nutrients and vitamins that supports healthy hair growth for thinning hair.

Formula ZMin

“Formula ZMin” is a customized, compounded prescription solution that contains FDA-approved hair growth medication. Click below to learn more.

Formula ZFin

For many hair loss patients looking to slow down their hair loss and regrow their hair, finasteride or Propecia has been the go-to FDA approved medication. 

Follicle Cleanse & Follicle Sustenance

These hair care products are formulated with a colostrum extract, an ingredient rich in protein and polypeptides, which revitalizes your scalp while regenerating and strengthening your dull and thinning hair.